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May 07, 2012

What is Onboard Advisor?

Onboard Advisor is a first-of-its-kind Safety-Driven Insurance™ program that helps fleets identify and reduce at-risk driving behaviors. Participating Independent Insurance Agents can sign you up for Onboard Advisor®, provided you have a qualifying GPS fleet management system.

How does it work?

Onboard Advisor has teamed with industry leading Telematics Service Providers (TSPs) who supply the critical in-vehicle data collection and mobile communications components that allow you to monitor fuel         consumption and safe-driving performance. Chosen for their technical expertise, these TSPs are proven innovators in the areas of fleet safety analytics and risk management. Customers who purchase GPS fleet       management solutions from participating TSPs qualify for Onboard Advisor services and may be eligible for an insurance discount through Liberty Mutual Agency Corporation appointed Independent Agents.

How would my business benefit from using Onboard Advisor®?  

  • Identify at-risk driving habits with an exclusive driver Safety Score
  • Mentor driving behavior (braking, speeding, cornering, and acceleration) and reward safe-driving performance
  • Increase fuel efficiency by tracking with our exclusive fuel score
  • Reduce at-risk behaviors which eventually result in accidents
  • Curb speeding and other traffic violations that put drivers at risk
  • Add a fuel card program for efficient billing and reduction in fraud
  • Reduce driver turn-over by improving long-standing driving habits
  • Enhance training effectiveness by providing real-time feedback
  • Provide scores that consider current safe speeds and weather conditions
  • Earn an insurance discount based on your fleet safety score

If you already have GPS fleet managment through Geotab, Teletrac, Telenav or Telogis, contact your agent for more information regarding Onboard Advisor®.

For more information visit https://www.onboardadvisor.com/ 

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